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Students find Chemistry paper medium-level tough, but by the book

Nagpur: The 2d primary paper for HSC’s science stream was held today with many discovering Chemistry really easy. Students whom NewsTread spoke to found phase C to be lengthy but no other problems with the paper have been found.

Aishwarya Joshi of Adarsh Vidya Mandir mentioned, “I discovered the paper medium degree difficult but phase C had many questions so it took time. The question paper wasn't lengthy and was most commonly from the textbook.” Rahul Mainani, a pupil of Shivaji Science mentioned the paper was directly out of the textbook. “It was an easy paper and the whole thing came from the textbook. I discovered phase D to be the easiest but phase C was very lengthy. Overall it was OK as a result of I finished the paper before time,” he mentioned. Urja Singh, a pupil of Atulesh College mentioned, “This was the easiest paper up to now and questions have been on anticipated traces.”

Purva Kolte, pupil of MK Umathe College then again found the paper challenging. “For me the paper proved to be harder than I had studied for but typically it was found to be somewhere between medium and hard. Section A had many more than one selection questions that have been simply possible. Section C and D have been similarly lovely difficult because the topics from which they have been asked have been a little tricky to grasp,” she mentioned. Rhythm Agrawal of Dr Ambedkar College mentioned, “It was easy and lots of questions have been so easy that although you didn’t learn about it is advisable to get them. The five-markers have been relatively easy and students could score simply off them. Section C had essentially the most questions and was time eating.”

Sania Singhania, a pupil of Maratrao Mude Junior College mentioned, “The paper was easy and the questions have been from the vital sections of the chapters and to the point. Section C and D each have been really easy.”

Jogi Rajesh Dave, pupil of Atulesh Convent mentioned, “The paper wasn’t easy or tricky, it was within the medium degree difficult. I assumed that Section A and Section B have been easy while Section C was a little difficult.”

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