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Special drive against Panchkula encroachments

PANCHKULA: Haryana Urban Development Authority (Huda) enforcement wing conducted a special drive against the shopkeepers in Sector 7 and nine on Tuesday. In the four-hour anti-encroachment drive, officials seized a lot of items from the shopkeepers.

According to the ideas given via the enforcement wing officials of Huda, they mentioned that that they had received a lot of complaints from the citizens dwelling in Sectors 7, eight and nine in regards to the illegal encroachments in the corridors of the markets via the shopkeepers.

Taking stern motion against the shopkeepers, a group of Huda enforcement wing headed via Huda property officer (EO) Ashutosh Rajan, they conducted an anti-encroachment drive available in the market. The officials started the drive at 3pm from Sector 7 and found various anomalies available in the market. The officials seized 4 gasoline cylinders, 5 rehris, 4 counters set up in the corridors, 20 hoardings, 20 fruit and fast-food rehris amongst different items from all three sectors.

The officials involved mentioned that they didn't fantastic anyone but simplest seized their items permanently discovered in the corridors and on Huda land. Rajan mentioned that, "We have fined these shopkeepers many a time and notices were also issued to them, but to no avail. We have seized their items found lying in the corridors of the markets and on Huda land."

"Similar action will be taken in the future as well and no one will be spared under law," added the EO.

However, Huda is planning on doing an anti-encroachment drive along the Singh nullah, where citizens have encroached upon Huda land. "Notices have been sent to residents and now we are going to remove all illegal structures erected by the residents on Huda land," he added.

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