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Sort your waste, MCG to start slapping fines

GURUGRAM: The MCG has determined to start enforcing fines on homeowners of families in the event that they fail to segregate waste. A superb of Rs 100 has been determined upon for a single offence. The civic frame has additionally said that if the waste is not segregated, it will not be accumulated from families.
Citing cast waste management rules, MCG officers said waste segregation at source was necessary and the guideline additionally carried out to bulk waste turbines.

“We are still in the process of spreading consciousness about segregation. Once we've got finished the campaign, we will be able to start issuing fines to those who don't segregate the waste at source,” said a senior MCG official.

The waste needs to be segregated into two categories — dry waste and wet waste. Wet waste contains biodegradable items reminiscent of fruits, vegetables and leftover food. This waste might be taken to the Bandhwari waste website online and become compost. Apart from these two, hazardous waste needs to be saved separately. Hazardous waste contains medical residue reminiscent of medications, syringes, paints or insecticides.

Dry waste, which includes paper, plastic and different recyclable items, want to be put right into a blue bin. Most of this waste might be recycled or taken away through rag pickers who've been recently integrated into Gurugram’s waste management device.

The waste segregation and composting at Bandhwari has not yet begun because the website online receives unsegregated waste. Ecogreen officers said they're about to start the Ballistic separator at the website online, which is able to segregate the waste.

However, there are primary considerations about the implementation of the entire device. Sources said most of the waste accumulating automobiles do not need compartments to hold segregated waste separately. Also, the officers are frightened that it will take a very long time earlier than folks willingly start segregating their waste at the source.

Meanwhile, MCG has recognized 19 agencies to lend a hand the bulk waste turbines segregate their waste at source. Regular notices and challans also are being issued to offenders. The civic frame has issued notices to over 300 bulk turbines and challans to round 100 previously couple of months.

“We are steadily tracking and issuing challans to bulk waste turbines who don't seem to be segregating the waste in step with the solid waste management rules,” the official said.

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