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Slew of projects planned at Chamundi Hills as part of Prasad scheme

MYSURU: It seems as although the dep. of public works is curious about adopting a sustainable means in opposition to construction on Chamundi Hills. While a slew of tasks making improvements to the infrastructure on the pilgrimage centre had been proposed – those come with giving a facelift to the Mahishasura Circle, a dedicated tree park, renewed conservation efforts and renovation of the steps leading to the summit. The tasks are being undertaken as part of the Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spirituality Augmentation Drive (Prasad) scheme, an initiative of the central govt.

The estimated cost of all of the tasks – 19 – comes as much as Rs 60 crore. Progressive thinkers and rationalists around the state have, for lengthy, sought funds for bettering the statue of Mahishasura atop the hills. The innovative thinkers had been arguing that Mahisha, portrayed as a demon in Hindu mythology, was once in fact a Buddhust king, who ensured the welfare of his subjects.

PWD officials are planning on creating a tree park at the cost of Rs 1 crore, whilst rebuilding the steps to the summit is more likely to cost Rs four crore. A welcome arch and the rejuvenation of Devikere are some of the different tasks proposed via the dep..

These proposals, then again, have no longer met with approval from historians and conservationists. Historian PV Nanjaraj Urs informed NewsTread that such tasks should be performed in a way that doesn't detract from the hill’s herbal attractiveness. “Chamundi Hills is a pilgrimage spot. It has now been turned into a tourist spot. The hill should retain its unique attractiveness. The steps to the summit had been repaired a few years in the past, however the antiquated glance of those stairs become the casualty of the operation. I hope that those new tasks don't additional chip away at the wonderful thing about the hill shrine,” stated Urs.

Devotees too are concerned in regards to the possible loss of greenery and dilution of the spiritual surroundings that the tasks might lead to. Shrigauri Lokesh, a Nanjangud resident, who visited the temple on Monday, pointed to the rampant commercialization on the shrine. “We want a place to sit down and meditate, a place this is peaceful and quiet. Under this scheme, all commercial institutions should be shifted a ways clear of the temple,” Shrigauri stated.

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