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Sanjay Dutt part of #DrugFreeIndia campaign

Sanjay Dutt is one actor is Bollywood who has had his share of controversies in the past and has even been vocal about the similar. He has even maintained transparency at the time when he had fallen prey to the medicine. Now in order to battle the similar problem among the formative years, the actor has reportedly initiated a #DrugFreeIndia campaign.
According to stories, Sanjay not too long ago expressed his willingness to be a part of a nation-wide campaign designed to battle in opposition to drug abuse. The campaign will reportedly be organised at instructional campuses in Chandigarh and Hisar on February 18 and 19 respectively.

The actor stated that he has skilled the menace of substances first hand and he is aware of the havoc it creates and so this purpose is on the subject of his center. The purpose is to make this campaign India’s largest. According to him, it is rather simple to get sucked into drug abuse, but very tricky to get out of it. It all starts when minds are young and impressionable. He reportedly believes that individuals have to firmly tell kids that drug abuse is not cool.

Sanjay Dutt also took to his Twitter take care of to share the message.

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