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'Roses set to cost a pretty penny this V-Day'

PUNE: If you plan to provide a bouquet of roses in full bloom to the one you love, Valentine’s Day might finally end up being a tad bit pricey. The value of a single rose is anticipated to surge to Rs30 in the retail market via February 14. In the past 3 years, the price has hovered round Rs20 to Rs25, per rose, on the maximum.

Retailers stated the drastic upward thrust in prices is a result of the large demand for the blooms on V-Day as well as the 10 wedding ceremony ‘mahurats’ this February, as against 3 ultimate year.

They added that while the intense winter helped roses bloom larger, it slowed the rose flush period, leading to quick provides. While a temperature drop enhances the quality and dimension of vegetation, it prolongs the flower flush from 45 to 50 days.

Praveen Sharma, president of the Indian Society of Floriculture Professionals, advised NewsTread that this February has Valentine’s Day when the market peaks, followed via 10 mahurats for the marriage season. “These mahurats are spread all the way through the month in contrast to ultimate year. Due to greater demand, the wholesale value will range between Rs250 to 350, per bunch of 20 vegetation,” stated Sharma.

Sharda Bajaj, owner of Life in Colour, stated, “Maximum exports are undertaken throughout the winter season, while the domestic market will get its supply of roses for Valentine’s Day from February 12. Currently, there is a demand for roses however the supply is low, therefore prices are prime,” stated Bajaj.

She added that most often the wholesale value of each and every rose is Rs10 to Rs12.50. “The value per rose is anticipated to extend to Rs30 in the retail market via February 14. Last year, retail value on V-Day was once Rs20 for a normal rose and Rs25 for a long-stemmed rose. Since the ultimate 3 years, outlets have been paying Rs10, per rose, to wholesalers. But this year, they're anticipating us to pay Rs15. To compensate, we would have to charge shoppers a higher amount,” stated Bajaj.

Explaining the relationship between the low temperature and the delay in harvest, Sharma stated, “The commonplace flush is anticipated in about 45 days, where as, if the temperature drops, the expansion will get slower, but enhances the quality causing larger blooms and a longer stem. However, the flush period will get extended from 45 to 50-52 days.”

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