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Revenue exceeds expectations, crosses Rs 1.27 crore

PATIALA: Punjabi University's 'pustak mela' that concluded on February 25 received a major attention from young crowd. The university in its five-day ebook honest was once in a position to sell over Rs 50 lakh books against revenues of greater than Rs 1.27 crore. Interestingly, the authorities had earlier anticipated to cross Rs 1 crore-mark.

The university had given 50% concession on all its publication. The discounts various from 10% to 30%, depending at the publishers. A total of 110 stalls had been setup via 84 publishers in the university.

Last yr, the university had arranged a three-day book-fair. The organisers sold university-published books price Rs 30 lakh. The total sales in 2018 had crossed 50 lakh.

Students hold stalls

Besides buying books, many scholar teams had setup their stalls in the university. A total of 7 different teams of scholars got area to sell books in the campus. However, the participation of university professors in taking part in an energetic function in the ebook honest, seemed on a lower facet.

Books on Guru Nanak

Given that the ebook honest was once devoted to Guru Nanak Dev Ji's 550th birth anniversary, the university had made a distinct stall for all books it had revealed on Guru Nanak Dev.

"On the fourth day of the event, the university sold out books worth Rs 40 lakh. Many books on the life and 'bani' (teachings) of Guru Nanak Dev ji were also sold," the organisers of the event stated.

"The entire stock of ebook 'Mool-Mantar' (1,100 copies) had been sold. Copies price Rs 1 lakh of a ebook in keeping with India-Pakistan partition 'Yadan Ganji Vaar Diyan' had been sold. As many as 1,000 'Mansik Shareer De Khichau Atte Upaye' had been bought via Bargari Forum, which was once arrange via Bargari villagers.

Publication Bureau head and HOD Professor Sarbjinder Singh, stated, "The purpose at the back of setting up the book-fair was once to promote studying conduct among scholars and kids. Selling books price Rs 1.27 crore was once reasonably spectacular. The event was once devoted to Baba Guru Nanak Dev Ji's 550th birth anniversary."

"Last yr, two Kashmiri publishers - Qadar and Gul Mohammad - participated in the event, then again, due to Pulwama terror assault they have neglected the event. We used to allot area even on the closing minute to publishers from outside Punjab. A couple of Kashmiris had been , but they later didn't practice," he added.

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