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Rescued leopard cub to be returned to Bangkok

CHENNAI: The 50-day-old leopard cub that used to be smuggled from Bangkok to the town and is being stored at Vandalur zoo will go back to its place of birth. The date of the cub’s go back adventure will be fixed once its place of birth is ascertained and it’s declared fit for commute.

Deputy director of Wildlife Crime Control Bureau southern region and Convention on International Trade on Endangered Species (CITES) officer T Uma told NewsTread that CITES officials in Thailand had agreed to take the cub back. Date of its go back adventure will be fixed once the origin of the cub is traced, Uma mentioned.

As a signatory to CITES, it’s India duty to ship back the leopard to its place of birth. Mammals, reptiles or birds that come below CITES might not be allowed to be stored in a overseas land. Zoo officials mentioned the cub is slowly getting conversant in the brand new position. She has started taking part in and may be very active in the zoo’s enclosure.

Advanced Institute of Wildlife Conservation director Shekhar Kumar Niraj mentioned leopards are categorised below both CITES Appendix I and below Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act. “It’s a wholesome cub,” he mentioned. A DNA test can assist in figuring out the geographic location and the subspecies of the animal. Once the subspecies is identified, it'll assist in finding its country of origin so that the cub can also be reunited with the mum, he added.

Another officer mentioned the cub must be stored for no less than eight to 12 weeks for it to get stabilized in the new environment. He added that smuggling of animals have long past up in the last 5 years.

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