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Reign of Bharath, digvijaya procession adds to Panchamaha Vaibhava splendour

DHARMASTHALA: The splendour of the court of Bharath, the upward thrust of Chakra Ratna on the armoury and a real to existence scale ‘digvijaya’ procession from here to Shantivana was the highlight of day three of Panchamaha Vaibhava complaints as part of Mahamastakabhisheka rituals on Wednesday. The day’s enactment depicted the superb administrative skills of Bharath with peace, tranquillity, contentment and prosperity reigning all through his kingdom.

The actors portrayed the encouragement that Bharath gave to writers, artists, poets and dancers. Bharath’s court offers a possibility for track, literary and religious parleys, dance and humanities. It portrays the fact that Bharath was spiritually achieved in addition to him taking part in the trappings of power that his reign as a ruler conferred. The complaints also highlighted the lifetime of balance between sacrifice and delight that Bharath leads.

Bharath also receives three good information one day, on the same time. These come with Vrishabanath, his father achieving ‘kevala jnana’, upward push of ‘Chakra Ratna’ on the armoury ,and his queen giving beginning to a boy. Bharath first has darshan of Vrishabanath, then is going and worships ‘Chakra Ratna’ on the armoury after which directs his topics to have a good time the following 9 days as ‘Navarathri’ utsav. He then visits his newborn kid whom he names ‘Arkakeerthi’.

After having darshan of the lord on the Basadi, elders and teachers, Bharath who makes ‘Kshatriya Dharma’ as his ‘Raja Dharma’ sets out on ‘Digvijaya’ with the ‘Chakra Ratna’ on the head of his marching army. The Digvijaya procession that started from Panchamaha Vaibhava Mantap on the Kshetra wound its approach to close by Shantivana, giving the onlookers a way of awe and majesty that the actual army of Bharath would have commanded.

The majestic walk of the actor who played Bharat, the beauty of ‘Chakra Ratna’, apparel of actors in the ‘digvijaya’ procession with conventional musical instruments including kombu, kahale, nagari, chende, soldiers and Nashik band, added a regal contact to the occasion. Nearly 700 actors essayed the roles of soldiers, warriors, woodland dwellers, chende players, Nashik band, soldiers with arms, flag-bearers and tableaux of the gods added to the splendour.

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