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Pope says following Yemen crisis with 'great worry'

VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis, who will go back and forth to the United Arab Emirates on Sunday, stated he's following the humanitarian disaster in Yemen with great concern and recommended each side to appreciate global agreements and ensure meals reaches struggling Yemenis.

"The population is exhausted by the long conflict and many, many children are suffering from hunger but they are not able to get to food deposits. The cry of these children and their parents rises up to God," he instructed tens of hundreds of other folks in St. Peter's Square right through his common Sunday cope with.

"I appeal to all sides involved and to the international community to urgently press for respect of the agreements that have been reached, to guarantee the distribution of food, and work for the good of the population."

"There are children who are hungry, they are thirsty, they don't have medicine," he added.

The UAE has played a leading function within the Saudi-led military coalition waging a nearly four-year battle against the Iran-aligned Houthi motion in Yemen in a war which has driven the poorest country at the peninsula to the threshold of famine. Francis will becomes the first pontiff to set foot at the Arabian Peninsula and is due to make two public addresses.

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