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Pope admits nuns sexually abused by priests, bishops

ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE: Pope Francis said on Tuesday that the Roman Catholic Church had confronted a power drawback of sexual abuse of nuns via monks or even bishops, the first time he has publicly stated the issue.

Catholic nuns have accused clerics of sexual abuse in recent years in India, Africa, Latin America and in Italy, and a Vatican mag closing week discussed nuns having abortions or giving beginning to the youngsters of monks. But Francis has never raised the issue till he was once asked to comment all over a news conference. “It’s true,” Francis said. “There are monks and bishops who've completed that.”

The pope’s admission opens a new front in the longrunning scandal of sexual abuse via monks, recognising nuns who've attempted for years to call consideration to their plight. With the #MeToo movement going sturdy, and Francis below pressure for neglecting the victims of kid abuse, the nuns’ pleas have received traction.

A best legitimate in the Vatican workplace that handles sexual abuse allegations resigned closing month after a former nun accused him of making sexual advances all over confession. The legitimate, the Reverend Hermann Geissler, chief of body of workers in the Vatican’s doctrinal workplace, denied the allegation, the Vatican said.

Asked about those developments, Francis said that it was once a continuing drawback and that the Vatican was once running on the factor. Some monks, he said, were suspended. “Should extra be completed? Yes,” Francis said. “Do we now have the need? Yes. But this can be a path that we have already begun.”

Francis recalled that his predecessor, Benedict XVI, had been “a robust guy” who he said had sought to remove monks who dedicated sexual abuse or even “sexual slavery”.

Last yr, a nun in India accused a bishop of many times raping her between 2014 and 2016. The bishop was once arrested after she reported him to the police, a choice that divided the local Catholic group. Many monks celebrated when the bishop, who faces trial this yr, was once released on bail.

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