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'PM responsible if anything happens to me'

PUNE: Social crusader Anna Hazare, who entered the fourth day of an indefinite fast to press for the appointment of Lokpal and Lokayukta on Saturday, said the “high minister will probably be responsible” if the rest had been to happen to him. The Gandhian had started his fast on January 30 at Ralegan Siddhi.

Hazare has already lost three-and-ahalf kg. He has been feeling vulnerable and his blood force has been fluctuating. Doctors from the government clinic and his p

PM responsible if the rest happens to me: Hazare

Residents of Ralegan Siddhi staged a rasta roko on the village chowk to increase give a boost to to Hazare. They are backing his motive for the appointment of Lokpal and Lokayukta and different demands like pension for farmers and elimination of GST on drip irrigation programs, said Datta Awari, Hazare’s secretary. A sit-in agitation was once additionally held in Shirur taluka.

The agitators had been taken to the Parner police station and later released.

Earlier within the day, Hazare advised the journalists that he had received a letter (dated January 25) from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “There is not anything within the letter barring a line announcing that he has received my letter, which was once despatched on January 1. It is signed via him with highest wishes,” Hazare said.

“Should the rest happen to me, the government and the high minister will probably be responsible,” he said and added that no political birthday party was once all for having a Lokpal and Lokayukta as these establishments would hit them hard.

So far, there has been no communique or an offer of dialogue from the government, said the sources at Hazare’s place of job. State water sources minister Girish Mahajan had met Hazare a couple of times before his fast, however not anything came of those visits.

Hazare said his enchantment to the citizens is to elect people who have an unblemished personality. “We have seen what took place within the final 72 years when folks picked a political birthday party rather than a candidate of excellent personality,” he said.

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