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Plan not ready to clean up waste plant, pollution body slaps notice on Gurugram civic body

GURUGRAM: Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) has despatched a realize to Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) and EcoGreen, a personal company hired by means of the company for waste control within the town, over their inefficiency in dealing with the waste site at Bandhwari.

An HSPCB inspection has revealed that there's no time-bound plan to complete treatment of waste that has collected at Bandhwari during the last 4 years and the leachate on the site is best partly treated.

According to the attention (a replica of which is with TOI), approximately 4 lakh tonnes of legacy waste has collected on the site and approximately 1,500 metric tonnes of unsegregated (mixed) municipal forged waste is added there on a daily basis. The authorities have also not get a hold of a time-bound plan to complete reclamation of the site. The realize has said that there's no separation between the processing site and the leachate gadget, and best part of the leachate assortment and treatment work has been commissioned. The leachate is collected the use of a pipe (a brief gadget) and a gadget to gather all of it has not been installed.

Around two years in the past, MCG hired EcoGreen, to regulate, segregate and deal with waste within the town. The agency mentioned that the leachate treatment plant had been operational at Bandhwari since April 2018.

But activists blamed authorities for main environmental harm on the site, which is located within the Aravalis. “The town generates 800 tonnes of forged waste on a daily basis. This is being dumped in Bandhwari. The cost of sporting it to Bandhwari is Rs 729 consistent with tonne. This involves approximately Rs 6,00,000 consistent with day, which involves Rs 21 crores consistent with yr. Even after spending so much, we've got not solved the waste downside however just shifted it from our town to our eco-sensitive water recharge zone in Bandhwari. That too, when not enough provisions had been made to regard the deadly leachate that ends up in critical groundwater pollution. How does it make any sense?” mentioned Amina Shervani, a resident of DLF 1.

Environmentalist Vivek Kamboj who filed a petition ahead of National Green Tribunal in 2016 for relocation of the Bandhwari waste treatment plant away from the Aravalis mentioned, “The authorities are committed to damage the Aravalis by means of giving out contracts to corporations that have failed in all waste control tasks. I moved the National Green Tribunal, hoping that the dumping will stop and some action will probably be taken in opposition to the officers. However, even the judiciary is not prepared to assist. Unfortunately, they will wake up best when it'll be impossible to reverse the wear.”

NGT disposed of the case, in July last yr, and imposed a penalty of Rs 2.five lakh on Ecogreen for not sporting out correct waste treatment at Bandhwari. HSPCB has now given 15 days to MCG to comply with norms. “In case you fail to conform the observation within the discussed stipulated period, it'll be presumed that you have nothing to mention in this regard and settle for the status... action will probably be taken (as consistent with the regulation) without giving any longer realize,” mentioned the attention.

“The subject is sub-judice ahead of NGT and is indexed for listening to on February 19. We will submit our compliance to the respective businesses,” mentioned Gaurav Joshi, the executive operating officer of Ecogreen.

The dumping of waste on the Bandhwari plant, situated off the Gurugram-Faridabad Road, ends up in a move of grimy black water, referred to as leachate. A file of CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) in 2017, termed the groundwater in Bandhwari, Mangar (Faridabad) and Dera (Delhi) ‘undeserving for drinking’.

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