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Pay more for using power for next three months

CHANDIGARH: City citizens will have to pay extra for the use of electrical energy for the following 3 months. This because the UT electrical energy department has authorized prime gas and tool purchase value adjustment (FPPCA) fees on present tariff from 29 paisa according to unit as much as 126 paisa according to unit underneath other slabs and classes. The FPPCA fees had been authorized by means of the dep. after securing permission from the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC).

The department will fee 29 paisa according to unit for domestic customers the use of between 0 and 150 gadgets. Additional fee of 49 paisa according to gadgets has been imposed in 151 to 400 slab, whilst customers the use of greater than 400 gadgets will have to pay 54 paisa according to unit.

In the economic category having single segment, 50 paisa according to unit for the use of 0-150 gadgets can be charged. Similarly, 55 paisa can be charged in 151-400 slab, and 126 paisa in above 400 gadgets category. Commercial users having 3 segment can be charged 50 paisa according to unit and 55 paisa according to unit within the slab of 0-150 and 151 to 400, respectively. In the above 400 gadgets category, the dep. will fee 126 paisa according to unit.

Hike in energy expenses from February 1

Consumers having huge provide connections will have to shell out 61 paisa according to unit extra. Those the use of small provide will have to pay 51 paisa according to unit and medium provide connections can be charged 59 paisa according to unit.

UT superintending engineer M P Singh said the change will come into effect within the billing cycle of February 1.

FPPCA fees are not levied within the agriculture category. The fee is the variation between according to unit exact value of energy purchase and according to unit authorized value of energy purchase.

The electrical energy department generates expenses for domestic customers bi-monthly. Domestic customers had been divided into 4 teams of 50,000 each. They pay expenses in six cycles a 12 months. Bills of commercial customers are generated each and every month. According to reputable records, there are 2.16 lakh electrical energy customers, out of which, 1.75 lakh fall within the domestic category. The department has common billing of round 95% of consumers.

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