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Pati, Patni aur Woh, but with fiery twist

By Amit Kumar

This is not a love tale, but one of revenge | Pati, Patni aur Woh, but with fiery twist

Couple stopped paying rent to landlord and when he went to court, set hearth to the store to settle scores; thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident

It seems that a minor hearth incident reported in December at a commercial complex in the busy ninth go lane of Chamrajpet was in reality the handiwork of the tenant – and he did this, together with his wife, to settle scores with the owner.

Chamrajpet police are in search of the couple and are confident that the duo might be arrested quickly. And had it not been for the CCTV digital camera, the owner and the police would have by no means identified how or why the fire started.


The tale begins thus: in 2017, proprietor Dileep Kumar (51) had rented out his 14X21 toes shop on the first flooring of his development Geetha Complex to Misrilal Thali and Indiradevi. The husband-wife duo, both of their forties, sought after to open a ironmongery store. Kumar additionally remains in the similar development and the 2 events signed on the dotted line after settling for a per 30 days rent of Rs 13,000.

However, five months after the agreement, the couple stopped paying rent. Kumar alleges that they might additionally create a ruckus in the development therefore he was pressured to invite them to vacate the premises. When the couple refused to do so, Kumar was pressured to record a case in the city court of small causes. In November 2018, the court dominated in Kumar’s favour and gave a month’s time to Misrilal and his wife to vacate the store.

Pics from CCTV pictures

On December three, Kumar and his circle of relatives left on a 10-day trip to Rajasthan to attend a circle of relatives marriage ceremony; on December 8, he received a phone call that there was a fire coincidence at his development.

Kumar mentioned that he was disenchanted with the scoop and the loss but was a bit relieved when he realised that no one was injured in the incident. He returned to town on December 14 and was informed that the fire was caused due to short-circuit.


Two-three days later Kumar sat down to check the CCTV pictures and to his utter shock, saw that the cause of the fire were Misrilal and his wife.
The CCTV pictures presentations that around 9.30 pm, Indiradevi switched off the lighting fixtures and left the store, looking ahead to her husband; Misrilal can then be seen rising from the store to down the shutter and, within seconds, smoke begins emanating from the store. He then locks the shutter and walks in opposition to his scooter together with his wife; for some time, he's seen fumbling for keys (he most likely forgot them within); then he pushes the scooter and the husband-wife duo disappear from the digital camera’s take hold of.

Mysteriously, within mins, one of their family arrives on the scene and signals hearth body of workers; they douse the fire within 30 mins (Kumar alleges it was all part of their plan).

“I had no concept that that they had such plans when I confirmed them the court order and asked them to vacate my development,” mentioned Kumar.
“I’ve been in this industry for over 30 years and feature by no means come across a situation like this. There are other shops and homes almost about the complex. If the fire had unfold to other structures, it will have caused fashionable injury and in addition claimed many lives,” he added.

Their act has been recorded in the CCTV… His primary purpose was to assert insurance coverage cash. I’ve been in industry for over 30 years but have by no means come across an incident like this. If the fire had unfold to the opposite structures, it will have caused fashionable injury and in addition claimed many lives

Dileep Kumar, development proprietor

Kumar additionally mentioned that the couple had shifted some of its stuff out previous to setting hearth to the store and handiest one of the crucial items were left within – this issues to an attempt to claim insurance coverage cash, he alleged.

Chamrajpet police have registered a case under section 436 for the use of hearth/explosive with the intent to break a development towards Misrilal and Indiradevi after ascertaining that the blaze was an intentional act.

“The purpose turns out to were to wreck the development and cause monetary loss to the owner. We have got information that they are nonetheless in the city and we will be able to take them into custody quickly,” mentioned Chamrajpet police, including that they are investigating all angles, including the insurance coverage scam as alleged through the owner.

Meanwhile, Kumar, who seems to be an influential particular person in the area, has arrived at a ‘compromise’ together with his arsonist tenants and got taken ownership of his shop.

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