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Parties at MG Park attract stray dogs

Hubballi: Mahatma Gandhi Park, one of the most essential landmarks in Hubballi, is turning into a haven for stray canine. More than 500 other folks discuss with the park every day and most of them say it's not being maintained neatly.
Morning and night time walkers have been difficult HDMC not to permit birthday parties and kittie parties throughout the park. People who hang such parties throw leftover meals and rubbish within the park, attracting stray canine. As many stray canine are roaming within the park, joggers worry to walk freely.

Ashok Chandra, a senior resident of Deshpande Nagar stated he used to discuss with the park two times an afternoon for walks. “It's very unlucky that the one of the most essential parks of Hubballi is now in a sorry state. Because of the canine, we are pressured to hold a stick once we go there,”he stated.

When requested, the security staff on the park stated the canine have entered the park without their wisdom and that they were struggling to pressure them away.

MG Park Walkers Association president P S Dharaneppanavar stated the stray dog risk has larger in contemporary months. “None of the civic authorities are afflicted about the problem. The stray dog risk used to be dropped at the awareness of the HDMC commissioner and others officials but it's of little need,” he stated.

According to sources, on Monday a morning walker had a miraculous get away from a dog bite. “A Walker used to be holding a hand bag in his hand. A dog rushed and tried to grab it. It even tried to bite his leg, thankfully he could get away,” stated Dharaneppanavar.

Dr Ravi Saligoudar of HDMC’s veterinary division stated the civic frame had carried out a stray dog catching pressure previously. “Since the previous three-four months, the dog catching procedure used to be hampered because of some technical problems. We will soon eliminate stray canine permanently and also start up measures to curb the provision of meals to stray canine,” he added.

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