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Parking solutions demanded for southern sectors

CHANDIGARH: The demand for an enduring parking resolution for southern sectors has come from Chandigarh Residents' Associations Welfare Federation (Crawfed). Its member associations have claimed that the civic government have neither come up with own answers nor cared to take their tips.

Referring to the guidelines that its members gave to the Chandigarh municipal corporation, Crawfed stated that that they had proposed group parking zone for 100 to 150 cars in each and every sector. The RWAs have been in a position to manage these a lot and hire the protection staff and parking assistants. An urgent proposal for group parking had come from the Chandigarh housing board flats.

In an older draft proposal, the corporation itself used to be keen to spot open spaces as web page for group parking a lot, based on the person necessities of each and every sector. Under that professional plan, the civic frame used to be not to develop any park at the identified web page or install iron grills round it. It saw benefit in converting an open area into parking space for clusters of 50 houses each and every in each and every sector. Even if the residents do not want to deploy own security guards for the parking a lot, it used to be proposed that the corporation may just charge them Rs 200 for each and every car for full-time security. Till date, the original plan hasn't materialised.

Crawfed president Hitesh Puri mentioned: "Every day. I get receives calls from my neighbours and other residents about some or the other brawl over parking in the southern sectors. The shortage of parking space is severe in sectors 15, 18, 19, 20, 34, 35, 44, 45, and 47. We have been raising the issue time and again." Crawfed member D P Singh mentioned:

"Community parking is the need of the hour, as parking issues have become a reason for street fights every day in neighbourhoods."

It is common for people to call police to get to the bottom of the parking disputes however since there is not any allocated area for parking, even the cops can't settle each and every battle or do much with the fighters except warning them to avoid trouble. D P Singh mentioned: "Due to inaction by the civic authorities on this issue, even the green space between residential blocks is being encroached upon by residents to park their vehicles."

The trouble is that the choice of automobiles to be parked within the residential areas has larger manifold over the past few years but the muncipal corporation has not deliberate to build new parking a lot in that dimension.

In 2007, the proposal for a group parking space in Sector 35 used to be discussed within the MC area but the civic government are but to behave on it. In 2012, the-then mayor, Raj Bala Malik, asked the officers to shortlist the sites for the group parking a lot.

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