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Pak playing a big role behind the scenes in US-Taliban talks

WASHINGTON/PESHAWAR: Pakistan, lengthy at odds with america over the battle in Afghanistan, has begun to play a behind-the-scenes however central function in supporting US peace talks with the Afghan Taliban, including via facilitating travel to negotiations, US officials and Taliban sources mentioned.

Pakistan's help also comprises exerting force on Taliban leaders who fail to cooperate, including via detaining participants of the militants' households, the insurgents say. Pakistan's function in the peace negotiations is a gentle one, with Islamabad seeking to avoid demonstrating the type of wide affect over the Taliban that Washington has lengthy accused it of having. Sources caution its help might be transient. The Taliban also do not wish to appear beholden to Islamabad, which has denied US accusations that it provides secure haven and help to insurgents to be able to maintain affect in Afghanistan during its 17-year-old battle.

One senior US respectable, who declined to be recognized, mentioned of Pakistan's function in the talks: "We know it just wouldn't be possible without their support." "They've facilitated some movement and travel to the discussions in Doha," the respectable mentioned.

Taliban sources mentioned Pakistan's function in bringing the Taliban to the negotiating desk was once instrumental. In one example, Islamabad despatched a message to the militants through spiritual leaders that they had to communicate to america or risk a cut-off in ties. They detained Taliban participants' households to be able to force them, a Taliban leader mentioned.

The Taliban leader, who declined to be recognized, mentioned Pakistan had saved "unprecedented pressure" on the militants and their close family over the last few months. "They made it clear to us that we (Taliban) have to talk to the US and Afghan government," the Taliban leader mentioned.

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