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‘Open-air hall threat to Verna eco-sensitive zone

PANAJI: The paintings of construction of an outside wedding corridor being carried out near the eco-sensitive area round Ambulor Lake in Verna has left the villagers fuming.

The Ambulor Tollem, as it's popularly recognized, sees loads of migratory birds flocking to it to take safe haven here in the iciness.

Villagers said that hill chopping, near the lake, is being carried out for the paintings, which has resulted in the dust washing down all through the unseasonal showers in November last yr.

They said it's affecting the sluice gate close by and consequently silting the fields, while causing the gradual loss of life of the lake.

The lake is the aquifer of River Sal, which is the only river originating in Goa. Till date, over 150 migratory birds were recorded here through birdwatchers.

“The documents acquired underneath RTI display that permission was granted for construction of a residential house and not for an outside corridor.

The gram sabha had additionally passed a answer lately not to permit the paintings, but the panchayat has did not put into effect this.

Without the specified permissions from town and country making plans authority, the Verna panchayat has issued a business and establishment licence for an ‘outside wedding and birthday celebration corridor and dance floor’ in July last yr, which looks extra like an try to legitimise the illegality during the backdoor,” said villager Judith Rebelo.

Villagers said town and country making plans department had asked the paintings to be stopped until an inspection is carried out, but the construction paintings has continued.

“Already with the sound of the works being carried out through Ambulor Tollem in survey no 133/1 and 108/zero, a ways fewer birds are coming here now. If tune is blared for wedding celebrations and fireworks are burst, then it's going to utterly wreck the lake because the habitat of these birds,” said Fulgencio Cardozo.

The villagers said that letters have been sent to various government since July 2018, but no action has been taken.

The locals have decided to hold a public assembly on Sunday to protest in huge numbers.

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