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Nutrition check on Bengaluru’s bowl of yummies

Take a walk around the quite a lot of parks and buying groceries streets in Bengaluru, and you’ll come throughout distributors on push carts or by means of the aspect of the road promoting peanuts, seasonal fruits, cotton candies and what not. While the hygiene level of those small eats at the streets are at all times wondered, one can not deny the quintessential part of those sellers and the bowls of enjoyment they offer to Bengalureans. With days getting warmer and seasonal yummies lining the popular wallet of the city, we hopped on a bit of meals path in namma ooru, and here’s what we discovered…
Mixed fruit bowl

Price: Rs 30

Nutritional worth: 80%

Raw mango bowl

Rs 20

Nutritional worth: 80%


Rs 20-30

Nutritional worth: 90%


Rs 30

Nutritional worth: 70%


Rs 80

Nutritional worth: 80%


Rs 20-30

Nutritional worth: 80%

Expert discuss:

“Cleanliness is without a doubt a concern in the case of eatables bought at the street. But it is also an excellent attraction for youngsters to spend time open air. Although very talked-about a number of the little ones, cotton sweet can be very harmful for health. More than the sugar content material, it’s the pigment used in those candies that can adversely impact their health. Bhel and Pani Puri get bought out in no time, however the water used in those meals pieces would possibly purpose abdomen infection and different problems. Instead, parents must inspire youngsters to devour freshly cut fruits comparable to watermelon, which is also candy, in addition to bananas and guavas, that have very prime dietary worth. Cucumber is another healthy choice on a sunny day. A bowl of fruits is also rich in vitamin, minerals and iron, and can be an rapid power booster. Peanuts are prime in protein, whilst comfortable coconut water is just right for all seasons,” says Nidhi Nahata, health coach.

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