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No. of surgeries goes up across depts

The provision of extra critical care services and addition of tremendous area of expertise departments and beds have resulted in the rise in choice of major and minor surgeries in the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital, say officers. More than a century after it was commissioned, the health facility opened its cardiology department and started appearing open middle surgeries in mid-2017. In early 2018, it carried out vascular surgeries and sophisticated gastroenterology surgeries.
The final two years has seen CMCH ramp up its cardiology facilities. “We started upgrading the dep. in mid-2017, and started obtaining facilities like extra operation theatre, full-fledged aerobic thoracic surgeons, cath labs and gear to do angiograms and angioplasties,” dean of the health facility Dr B Ashokan mentioned.

“We started appearing open middle surgeries, like bypass surgeries in mid-2017. As of December 2018, we've got carried out 83 open middle surgeries or major surgeries,” he mentioned. “Averaging five a month,” he added.

The vascular surgical treatment department started in 2018 carried out 18 major surgeries final yr. “This comprises treatment for varicose veins, developing A-V fistula surgeries for patients requiring hemodialysis, treatment for artherosclerosis or narrowing of arteries due to plaque buildup alongside artery walls,” mentioned the dean. The surgical gastroenterology department which used to basically take care of appendicitis, hysterectomy among different simple surgeries, has now begun running all pancreatic tumours, appearing laparascopic surgeries, liver surgeries and sophisticated appendicitis surgeries,” he added.

While three major surgeries had been carried out in surgical gastroenterology in March 2017, the number rose to 26 in March 2018.

Besides this, there is a spike in surgeries carried out across departments like neurology, plastic surgery, orthopedics and ENT. In orthopedics, the choice of major surgeries carried out in 2018 was 1,700 greater than the former yr, head of the dep. Dr Vetrivelchezhian mentioned. “Every month in the event you compare, we've got carried out 130 to 200 surgeries greater than final yr,” he mentioned.

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