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Nagpur University celebrates National Mathematics Day

NAGPUR: Mathematics and mathematicians were the toasts of the day as Nagpur University celebrated National Mathematics Day, in memory of famed mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan at its campus off Amravati Road, on Tuesday. This match was organized through the department of mathematics, inner quality assurance mobile and generation park.

NU vice-chancellor SP Kane was the manager visitor of the serve as which saw him share the dais with pro-VC Pramod Yeole and registrar Niraj Khaty, both of whom were the visitors of honour. The match began with the lights the lamp through visitors, including keynote speaker Prof Madabusi S Raghunathan.

The amassing become all the more maths-literate as the noted mathematician and distinguished visiting professor Raghunathan of DAE-UM Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai, threw light on Fermat’s final theorem — a mathematical treasure hunt. In a lucid style yet complete approach, Raghunathan went about explaining each little nuance of the mathematical theorem.

“The title of nowadays’s communicate is ‘Fermat’s final theorem — a mathematical treasure hunt’ and because the title says it is the tale of the quest for a mathematical treasure,” he stated. Way back in 1637 Pierre de Fermat conjectured the concept for the first time.

“The tale has a fascinating prologue. The mathematics that lies at the back of the story itself is deep,” stated Raghunathan. Later, he defined in detail about the theorem until the patient amassing gave him a vociferous round of applause.

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