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“My colleague called me bulldozer”

Excess weight unsettles us but it shakes us up when it brings along health issues. 36-year-old Nivedita Chatterjee was surprised when her weight began affecting her health. The adventure was not a very simple one however with hard work and determination, Nivedita lost 30 kilos. Here's her inspiring adventure from fat to suit.

Nivedita Chatterjee

Occupation: IT Professional

Age: 36 years

Highest weight recorded: 85 kilos

Weight lost: 30 kilos

Duration it took me to lose weight:
9 months

The turning point:
My obesity began to become worse my health. Another factor that pushed me to lose weight was a remark from my colleague who known as me a bulldozer. It harm me.

My breakfast:
Oats/porridge/poha with two boiled eggs or egg salad

My lunch:
Grilled rooster/fish with vegetables and buttermilk

My dinner:
Chicken salad

I indulge in: Traditional Bengali fish curry with rice and sweets (gulab jamun or rabri) is my favourite.

My exercise: I do strength coaching (lift heavy weights) at the side of three days of intense HIIT sessions. I additionally enjoy doing zumba, aerobics and yoga.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Chicken soup

Fitness secrets and techniques I unveiled:
If you love what you do, you will achieve the results very quickly. One must be common, focused and made up our minds to achieve their objectives.

How do I stay motivated? Exercising is my interest and I love doing it, which is why I should not have any exterior motivation. I'm at all times self-motivated.

How do you be sure you don’t lose focal point?
We are at all times instructed to have a goal in thoughts when we get started any adventure. So, I at all times set objectives, which helped me stay focused.

What’s essentially the most tricky a part of being overweight?
You change into a subject matter of mockery and uninvited health issues.

What form do you notice your self 10 years down the road?
I need to entire two-three ironman demanding situations.

What are the lifestyle changes you made?
As is the important thing to weight reduction, I began maintaining a healthy diet and figuring out regularly. I utterly stopped eating junk meals.

What was the bottom point for you?
When I began with the journey, I couldn’t even do 10 jumping jacks. This actually disillusioned me.

Lessons learnt from weight reduction:
Your body is the one place the place you reside, so, get started taking good care of it prior to it’s too past due.

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