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Mohali police failed to solve 73% cases in 2018

MOHALI: After looking at the information provided by means of Mohali police department, a NewsTread staff has assessed that the district police need to up the ante when it comes to fixing prison circumstances. If figures are to be believed, the cops have failed to trace lots of the miscreants concerned about daily prison actions like robbery, loot and snatchings.

Data given by means of the Mohali police department display that cops had failed to resolve 73% circumstances, including snatching, registered within the district in 2018. In 2017, the share of unsolved circumstances used to be 71%.

In 2018, of 458 circumstances of robbery, most effective 125 might be solved. Similarly, in 2017, out of 376 thefts, cops may just clear up most effective 111 circumstances.

In 2018, Mohali had registered 159 circumstances of housebreaking. The registered rate of circumstances associated with housebreaking used to be lesser in 2017 at 107. Apparently, as many as 129 circumstances of 2018 and 83 circumstances of 2017 stay a thriller for our department.

Sources within the department stated that around 39% circumstances registered underneath the Indian Penal Code in 2018 are but to be cracked. “Of 2,509 circumstances registered underneath IPC in 2018, just one,552 might be traced. In 2017, of two,141 circumstances registered underneath the IPC, just one,478 stand solved,” sources stated.

Meanwhile, out of 31 circumstances of homicide registered within the district in 2018, most effective 24 had been effectively solved. In 2017, of 20 case of homicide, most effective 13 circumstances had been solved.

What is more fascinating is the truth that at a time when the Mohali police failed to touch 50%-mark (in fixing crimes) in rest of the circumstances, they have got carried out exceptionally smartly in cracking circumstances of rape and dishonest.

Of 51 circumstances of rape registered in 2018, cops had been in a position to trace 50. In 2017, the cops had been in a position to trace all 45 circumstances of rape.

Out of 430 circumstances of dishonest registered within the district in 2018, police had been in a position to trace 415. Similarly, of 388 circumstances of dishonest in 2017, as many as 384 had been effectively traced.

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