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Man-eater tiger in zoo, revellers flock to watch

LUCKNOW: If you haven't been to the zoo for a while, now can be a great time to consult with.

A number of inmates have been welcomed of their newly constructed enclosures in the zoo on Tuesday. The new inmates include jungle cat, caracal and wolves however man-eater tiger Cheddilal stole the show during the inauguration ceremony. The tiger's arrival was once particularly awaited because it have been staying in isolation for 2 years.

Named after Cheddipur village where he claimed most of his victims, Chhedilal was once brought to the zoo premises in 2016 and saved in an remoted enclosure to permit him to evolve to the zoo habitat.

The large cat had disabilities that didn't let him hunt for prey. He has cataract in one eye and a decayed proper higher dog. These prerequisites ultimately caused him to turn into a man-eater.

After the tiger claimed its 5th victim in the Kheri forests, executive orders have been issued to both tranquillise or kill it. An enormous hunt followed, which lasted for 11 days and it was once tranquillised. Thereafter, it was once brought to the zoo.

"We were hopeful since the beginning that he'll be one of the biggest draws. It is an important day since adapting from a wild habitat to that of the zoo was initially very painful for this marvellous creature, but now he's doing fine. He is popular mainly for his large size and notorious past. Initially, he let out a roar every time he saw us but now his behaviour is quite normal," mentioned zoo director AK Singh.

Other animals introduced under trade programmes have been also put on public display in new or renovated enclosures which have caves for the habitants.

Minister of forest and atmosphere Dara Singh Chauhan was once leader visitor of the serve as.

Two jungle cats have been introduced from Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Visakhapatnam, and 16 fish-eating crocodiles have been introduced from Kukrail. Caracal (wild cats) seized from Mirzapur have been added to the galaxy of wild animals at zoo.

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