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Lesbian couple seeks protection from Rajasthan HC

JAIPUR: A lesbian couple on Tuesday approached the Rajasthan High Court in the hunt for protection for their existence and to restrain their families from forcing them to get married to men.

The ladies, belonging to the backward Bairwa and Koli communities, are from the similar village Gudha Ashiqpura in Dausa district.

They claimed that they know each and every different from their school days and had completed upper secondary. Their friendship changed into a love affair which culminated in marriage.

"We know each other for the past five years during which we fell in love. Then we decided to formalize our relationship and got married secretly on December 22 last year at a temple, " they printed in an affidavit to the court docket.

However, they nonetheless reside one after the other with their families and the relations are unaware in their dating. The ladies concern that if the family members come to understand in their marriage, they may forcefully get them married to men towards their want.

They said they don't wish to marry men and want to reside in combination. "We cannot live without the each other and want to live under the same roof," said the affidavit filed by them for same intercourse marriage. "We are majors (both are 24 years of age) and understand fully the gravity of the decision we had taken," added the affidavit.

Court directed cops to give safety to ladies

Following the petition, the court docket directed SHO Bandikui to supply safety to the ladies and restrain their parents and family members from any coercive action and ill treatment.

Bhim Sen Bairwa, counsel for one of the crucial ladies who approached the prime court docket, said the ladies have decided to inform their parents in their dating after the court docket had ordered to supply them police protection.

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