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Kumbh Mela: Bihar governor escapes unhurt after tent catches fire

ALLAHABAD: Bihar governor Lalji Tandon's tent, situated at Triveni Shankul in Arail area at the Mela campus, stuck fireplace late Tuesday night. No accidents were reported in the incident but it surely created panic among devotees in the locality who were safely evacuated before it could spread to different tents. A brief circuit is reported to be the reason behind the incident.

SSP Kumbh KP Singh instructed NewsTread that the hearth broke out at round 2.30am and the devotees staying inside the camp woke up after seeing a spark. Three fireplace combating groups were in a position to douse the hearth.

The Bihar governor was shifted to circuit house while others were also accommodated in numerous tents.

However, properties together with furniture and household items were lowered to ashes in the fireplace.

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