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KU panel to probe charges against prof

Dharwad: Karnatak University has constituted a four-member committee to inquire into the fees of harassment and plagiarism against professor Kallappa Hosamani whose appointment as registrar was once withdrawn via the government on February 1.

The choice to constitute the committee as according to regulations was once taken at a syndicate assembly on Monday. Syndicate member Pallavi Vastrad will be the chairperson of the committee. Other individuals are professor Pancharatna Katti, dean, faculty of science and era, professor Vishwanath, dean faculty of law and professor Mahadevappa Karidurganavar, head of the department of chemistry.

Vice-chancellor Pramod Gai said that further motion might be taken in response to the committee’s record. The charter of the inquiry committee was once necessitated following route from the department of higher education to the vice-chancellor.

After taking flight Hosamani’s appointment, the government appointed professor Vijayalaxmi Amminabhavi as the acting registrar.

The undersecretary to the higher education division informed the V-C to habits an inquiry into the fees against Hosamani and stay him beneath suspension pending investigation. Hosamani has been despatched again to the chemistry division for instructing project, the V-C said.

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