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Kiran Bedi invites Puducherry CM for discussions

PUDUCHERRY: Puducherry lieutenant governor Kiran Bedi on Wednesday invited leader minister V Narayanasamy -- who is main an agitation accusing her of interfering with the everyday functioning of an elected governmen + t -- for a detailed dialogue at Raj Nivas at 10am on February 21.
In a letter addressed to Narayanasamy, Bedi regretted that the chief minister, as an alternative of looking ahead to her response to his letter, had come to Raj Nivas not easy a answer in an illegal method. “This method is unheard of from a person of your position,” she said.

Bedi said the issues mentioned in Narayanasamy’s letter to her on February 7 wanted an exam for a considered response’.

“Needless to say, not one of the problems are pending at Raj Nivas (as being alleged). Besides, you never said for your letter that until you get a answer by way of February 13 you and your colleague shall come and take a seat in a dharna outside,” she said.

“You are sitting outside Raj Nivas in conjunction with some of your cabinet colleagues. It's not that i am conscious for what,” she said and added that she had asked the SSP Apoorva Gupta to request the CM to let her know the subject he was sitting for.

“I'm informed by way of sources that you are sitting for a response for your letter you despatched me on February 7 elevating several problems,” she said.

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