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Kinnar akhara gets first non-transgender seer

Allahabad: Keeping up with its recognition of challenging traditions, in a first Kinnar Akhara appointed a non-transgender girl, Dr Raajrajeshwari Shiva Priya, as its international mahamandaleshwar on Monday.
Priya is the one seer of Kinnar Akhara who is not a transgender.

A health care provider of alternative drugs, 51-year-old Priya has travelled to a number of nations as disciples of different gurus. A native of Manali in Himachal Pradesh, Priya stated that the akhara plans to open orientation centres for the kinnar community. She stated that these centres would offer quite a lot of lessons to train transgenders and lend a hand them grow to be financially impartial.

“There are many sorts of sadhna (religous observe), however I've advanced my very own model of this religious observe which would be taught in our centers thru interactive workshops,. We want the kinnars to learn how to share, and admire.”she added.

She stated that the akhara plans to open three orientation centres across the country which would teach transgenders and empower them to earn their very own manner of living respectfully.

Talking about where the centres would be opened, Raajrajeshwari, stated, “One of the centres could be opened in Mumbai, the opposite close to Manali and the 3rd one in Allahabad.”

On being requested about her plans for the community as soon as the Kumbh-2019 ends, Priya, stated, “We are well conscious that the kinnars, like every other human being have to worry about their bread and butter. The society is yet to recognize how proficient transgenders are. One can see their talent by visiting ‘Kala Gram’ at the Kinnar Akhara’s camp.”

The Kala gram is an art village set up by the Kinnar Akhara at its camp at the Mela ground. “We know that they could excel in different fields by attending different lessons at these orientation centres,” she added.

Lauding the efforts of Kinnar Akhara’s mahamandaleshwar Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, she stated, “The movement which Laxmi maa has started is a rainbow movement.”

Seers of Kinnar Akhara carried out ‘pattaabhishek’ of Raajrajeshwari as a mahamandaleshwar. Pushpa Mai, Payal Mai and Gayatri Mai were additionally coronated as mahamandaleshwars and Asha Mai as peethaadhishwar of the akhara.

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