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Kin allege negligence over girl's death in hosp

KOLKATA: An eight-year-old girl died because of the "negligence" of the NRS Medical College and Hospital, the members of the family have alleged. The demise brought about anger a few of the locals who, in conjunction with the kin, attempted to go into the pediatric ward leading to a face-off with the medical doctors and attendants.

Sneha Sarkar died after her oxygen masks used to be removed via the physician, mentioned members of the family. Sneha used to be the only daughter of Narayan Chandra Sarkar, a resident of Beliaghata.

Sneha’s mom mentioned that her child used to be denied proper clinical help and succumbed only after being refused to be administered oxygen. "Sneha was admitted on Thursday to the NRS Medical College and Hospital after we noticed considerable swelling in different parts of her body and face. She was also complaining of chest pain and kept coughing continuously, accompanied by vomiting multiple times. We presumethat my daughter was suffering from chest congestion," Aparna mentioned.

"After we took her to the hospital, the doctors immediately admitted her. She was admitted to the pediatric ward, where she was prescribed a few medication which we diligently administered on time. However, she kept complaining of chest pain and difficulty while breathing."

"My husband failed to find any help and we pleaded on-duty nurse to allow us to provide Sneha with oxygen mask which she did. After administering oxygen, my daughter felt better. However, when a doctor came to visit the ward, he misbehaved with us and removed the oxygen mask. He also assured us after a chest check-up that we had nothing to worry and the respiratory problem was temporary," Aparna claimed.

On Friday morning the ache refused to subside and the medical doctors confident both Aparna and Narayan after preliminary pathological check studies that their daughter had no major ailment. "But, Sneha kept complaining of discomfort all of the whilst and asked for oxygen which used to be flatly refused via the medical doctors. She didn’t even sleep a minute since being admitted. My daughter used to be gradually changing into paranoid as the ache didn’t subside,” Aparna added.

"After consuming just a spoonful of rice, she collapsed in my arm. I frantically screamed for help. When the medical doctors arrived, they requested me to go away the ward. I instructed my husband who used to be waiting downstairs. When he met the medical doctors, we have been knowledgeable about Sneha’s death," she mentioned.

The circle of relatives has lodged an FIR with Entally police station in opposition to the negligent medical doctors and now a probe has been introduced in the case.

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