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Kere Sanjeevini will help farmers, rejuvenate water bodies: CM

Dharmasthala: CM HD Kumaraswamy on Saturday launched the ‘Jana Kalyana’ programmes undertaken by Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala to mark the mahamastakabhisheka. The highlight of the programme used to be the ‘Kere Sanjeevini’ programme which objectives to rejuvenate water bodies throughout Karnataka in the course of the Kshetra and collectively with the state executive.
Hailing the role that Heggade has played in leading the programmes launched by him, Kumaraswamy said any socially oriented programme that Heggade undertakes is a luck. “We have observed this in the luck that SKDRDP achieved and manner it has reworked rural lives,” he said foreseeing the same result with Kere Sanjeevini.

“We are having a look at mitigating the water shortage,” the CM said including he'll fervently pray to the presiding deity of the Kshetra that the budget offers farmers deliverance.

Referring to the rituals that were given underneath manner earlier, the CM said it's religion that has brought him again to the Kshetra 12 years later in the same capacity. “I used to be the CM when mahamastakabhisheka used to be held here remaining,” he said.

Union minister D V Sadananda Gowda who released a commemorative memento said the various Janakalyana programmes launched by the Kshetra will lend a hand society. Kere Sanjeevini specifically will result in ‘Haseeru Karnataka’ or a green Karnataka by rejuvenating the parched water bodies and also result in recharging of the underground water desk, which, in flip, will lend a hand the farmers and others.

Sri Vishvesha Thirtha, seer of Pejavar Adhokshaja Math said mahamastakabhisheka in the land of Lord Manjunatha (Tyaga Murthy) and Lord Bahubali (Vairaghya Murthy) is an tournament that impressed self assurance in society. Jainism influenced each Vedic traditions and Hinduism and the Kshetra is a confluence of all three traditions, he said including Heggade who presides over this religious confluence is worthy of the Bharat Ratna.

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