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‘Jail bharo’ stir to expose government on farm loan waiver: BJP chief

JAIPUR: BJP president Madan Lal Saini pronouncing a ‘jail bharo’ agitation on February 8 to reveal the state govt on its breach of promise from complete agriculture loans waive off alleged that the loan waiver camps organized by way of the state govt from Thursday is not anything but ‘deception’ of the farmers by way of the Congress govt.

He said, Congress president Rahul Gandhi right through election marketing campaign had counted on his fingertips 10 days under which all of the loan of farmers will likely be written off. But 50 days had passed and now the federal government announced a conditional waive off.

He said, the federal government now places the condition that only a unmarried loan of a farmer will likely be written off. He asked what in regards to the farmers who had remarkable agriculture loans from more than one banks. He also said 12 categories of farmers had been kept outside the purview of loan waive off.

Saini alleged that the Congress govt had back tracked on its promise of all kinds of agriculture loans waive off. He said up to now not anything has been heard of loans on Kisan Credit Cards and from land construction banks.

“If the case of loan waiver by way of the Congress govt is taken on its face worth, the farmers are given reduction of loan quantity of Rs 10 and Rs 20.”

Considering the seriousness with which the state govt goes about it, the similar more likely to happen in Rajasthan also.”

On the only hand the executive minister writes to the prime minister searching for assist for loan waive off and on the other hand the state govt is organizing camps. If the federal government has no money to enhance the scheme, why they are organizing camps, he asked.

Former CPM MLA Amra Ram also criticized the state govt for putting conditions on loan waiver. He said, the camps in the identify of loan waiver is not anything but ‘drama’ to mislead the farmers.

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