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IIT to suggest ways for Bagri restoration

KOLKATA: A group of structural engineers from IIT Roorkee will achieve Kolkata subsequent week to signify techniques for a comprehensive recovery of Bagri Market. A group of Kolkata Municipal Corporation building division officials will accompany them to the spot for an in depth find out about of the market structure prior to the group spells out what to do to improve the structure.

The Roorkee group had performed an on-the-spot survey of the fire-ravaged building final December and submitted a draft record in accordance with the survey. Later, those engineers from Roorkee requested for several details about Bagri Market from the KMC building division officials. After going thru those details and in accordance with the survey, the mavens expressed their opinion in favour of recovery of the market building.

"The experts from Roorkee are scheduled to reach Kolkata next week. They are coming to help Bagri Market traders in their endeavour to renovate and restore the gutted part of the market building. The traders need to follow the IIT Roorkee guidelines for the restoration work. We will deploy a team of engineers, who will oversee whether the restoration work is being done according to experts' suggestions," a KMC building division legitimate mentioned.

The KMC authorities are supposed to give a move forward to Bagri Market buyers to re-open their stalls or resume trade as soon as the civic body engineers are satisfied about the structural steadiness of the market building as soon as the recovery work is over.

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