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I am Anthony Fernandes, Ravi Pujari tells court

MUMBAI: Gangster Ravi Pujari’s extradition might get delayed as he has filed an enchantment sooner than the Senegal government denying his identification. Sources mentioned Pujari’s attorneys have submitted to Senegalese government a passport claiming he is a Burkina Faso citizen named Anthony Fernandes.

The external affairs ministry, which is coordinating the extradition process with the Indian embassy in Senegal, has submitted Pujari’s file containing his gang-related actions, 13 pink nook notices issued through Interpol following requests from Mumbai and Karantaka police, and a report on his faux passport to Senegales government. Sources mentioned the Indian embassy has sought time to gather more documentary proof to prove Pujari’s identification.

Mumbai and Karnataka police had been asked to collect DNA samples of his family members and send them on a priority foundation to Senegal, which may lend a hand determine that the detained man is indeed Pujari. His sisters Jayalaxmi Salian and Naina Pujari who reside in Delhi are prone to undergo DNA checks to be matched with Pujari.

Sources mentioned Pujari’s wife Padma and their three grown-up youngsters have additionally managed to safe Burkina Faso passports.

Police assets say although Pujari’s claims can be set aside, the evidence-gathering process might prolong his extradition process.

India is making an attempt to get him deported via diplomatic channels, police assets added.

Deportation is the process of expelling a foreign nationwide from a rustic where he is provide illegally while within the extradition process, that country has to hear either side.

The extradition of Chhota Shakeel aide Munna Muddasar alias Zingada from Thailand has been stuck for the past 5 years with each India and Pakistan claiming his nationality.

Last week, Mumbai police had sent Pujari’s file with details of a total of 49 offences registered against him and his gang contributors, 18 of which are under the stringent Maharashtra Control of Organised crime Act (MCOCA). There are an extra 36 offences registered against him in Mangaluru, 11 in Udipi and 36 in Bengalaru and adjacent areas.

Sources mentioned the Indian government will leave no stone unturned to get Pujari as he had created a sense of insecurity amongst businessmen, hoteliers, jewellers, and movie personalities in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Mangaluru, Bengalaru and Gujarat.

Meanwhile, news of Pujari’s conceivable deportation has left several of his aides, including a few former policemen, nervous and they have switched off their mobile phones, mentioned police assets.

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