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How sporting ‘raubdaar moochh’ helps Gurgaon cops

The sight of a burly policeman twirling his moustache in an intimidating style is a trope cinema has used for many years. In fact, moustache is thought of as almost part of a ‘dabangg’ cop’s uniform in India, from a Chulbul Pandey to a Bajirao Singham to even Sangram ‘Simmba’ Bhalerao. The moochh is what provides our police officers the swag and authority on display screen. It seems to be a lot the similar way in actual existence as well. Last month, senior officers in UP Police’s Pradesh Armed Constabulary (PAC) proposed that the present moustache allowance for police officers in UP be greater by way of 400%. ADG (PAC), Uttar Pradesh Police Binod Kumar Singh, who floated the proposal, was quoted as saying, “It’s all about the morale of the policemen. If their morale is up, they're going to provide you with better performance and consequence. After taking over in PAC on January 11, I went to Prayagraj where I met a few middle-aged police body of workers whose interest to recreation such moustaches was amazing.”
Many who read the inside track were stunned at the truth that Indian police officers get a moustache allowance within the first place. However, the availability is not anything new. Neither is the truth that police officers with moustache – good ones at that – are almost always thought to be a rarer breed. We spoke to a few Gurgaon police officers who recreation powerful facial hair about how their moochh continuously gets them preferential remedy. Cops tell us that the primary advantage of a thick, powerful moustache is within the optics. “I stay the moustache as a result of I have a baby face and I want to look older and extra mature,” says a traffic cop from the Millennium City, adding, “When you are on the roads, managing traffic and challaning other people, you wish to have to appear authoritative.”

Salman Khan as Chulbul Pandey in 'Dabangg'

A traffic cop from Gurgaon adds, “At such drives, we usually have the extra intimidating looking moustachioed police officers . Toh bas aapki agar moochh hai toh achhi traffic duty lag jayegi.” Another traffic cop adds, “It can pay to have a moustache if you find yourself on traffic duty. A lot of times, I have had individuals who were stopped for some infraction misbehave with my colleagues, but then I step in to stop them and so they back down. Of direction, it helps to have an intimidating demeanour however the moustache adds to the whole look. It makes you look like a serious cop and other people take you extra significantly.”

AjayDevgn in 'Singham'

Others tell us that moustache brings with itself perceived seniority and a few police officers had been incorrect for senior officials by way of members of most of the people, who then proceed to give them the distinction a senior rank would command. A head constable from town tells us, “I think films have also played their section in the last few years. When stars like Salman and Ranveer recreation moustaches to play police officers, it remains with other people. And of their films too, you are going to see that almost all good and senior police officers have moustache whilst the others don’t. Public mein bhi aisi hi symbol hai. I have incorrect for a senior officer by way of most of the people on account of my moustache so continuously that it is funny. I also never deny it. Sab sir-sir kar ke baat karte hain aapse. You get respect and authority routinely.”

Some police officers tell us that reasonably continuously, moustachioed police officers are thought to be the extra photo-friendly ones and thrust to the leading edge of respectable pictures for press handouts. “Whenever there are photo ops for some restoration or raid and even arrest, we continuously try to get a cop with moustache within the fore entrance. It simply seems better. Plenty of times, I have discovered myself in a photograph where I should had been at the back mostly, simply because meri moochh ki wajah se primary serious policewala lagta hoon,” says a constable who has been working in Gurgaon for with regards to 15 years.

Ranveer Singh in 'Simmba'

Even in respectable parades and functions, city police officers say that senior officers choose the leaders to have moustaches. This is, on the other hand, in large part an unwritten rule. A cop from south Gurgaon recounts, “I was as soon as chosen to be featured prominently in a Republic Day parade contingent of the dept best on account of my moustache. Haryana mein waise bhi moochhon ko significance di jaati ha, culture hi aisa hai. And at such events, a policeman with a big moustache seems extra raubdaar.” But police officers are quick to show that the advantages of one’s moochh are transient and fleeting. “You are taken extra significantly as a cop. I know it is going to sound funny but other people say that due to the moustache, I look like a no-nonsense policeman. But you received’t get a promotion or good posting in response to that. Uske liye toh kaam hi karna padega,” says a traffic constable with a handlebar moustache.

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