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Forest teams to monitor straying Ranthambore tiger on foot

JAIPUR: Forest team of workers at the Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve (MHTR) is witnessing a brand new thrill of monitoring a tiger on foot in Darah range. The department has deployed groups to observe the movement of straying tiger T-98 in Ghati Mata region.

According to assets, deputy conservator of woodland T Mohan Raj, himself has taken an initiative along with the team of workers, to trace the tiger on foot. “This is a brand new enjoy for the MHTR team of workers. Recently, in a workshop carried out by means of a personal NGO, the team of workers used to be taught to track the tiger on foot. This is an opportunity to hone the monitoring skills,” mentioned a member of the woodland monitoring team. According to woodland officers, on Tuesday, the movement of the tiger used to be recorded in Ghati Mata region of Darah range, outside the 82 sq. km enclosure that used to be built to forestall relocated tigers from going against highways and railway tracks.

While natural world lovers have showed fear over the protection of the tiger and demanded to put collar after tranquillising it, the woodland department turns out in no mood to do the same. “We are allowing the animal to normalise. Effective tracking is being completed. Decision to tranquillise the tiger can be taken later, after watching its movement,” mentioned leader conservator of woodland, Ghanshyam Sharma.

Earlier, after proof of the tiger used to be present in Sultanpur region on January 27, the woodland department had proposed liberating the big cat in Seljar range of MHTR after tranquillising and becoming GPS-enabled collar.

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