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Forest department notices behavioural changes in Chinna Thambi

TIRUPUR: As wooded area government have noticed significant behavioural adjustments within the crop-raiding elephant Chinna Thambi within the last 3 days, they have got stored two kumki elephants together with new arrival Suyambu to capture the wild jumbo, if allowed, close to Madathukulam within the district.

They have been hoping that the Madras top court would direct the wooded area division to capture the 25-year-old wild elephant. A unique record submitted via Ajay Desai, an elephant expert, ahead of the court, too suggested to capture it and sent it to an elephant camp. The subject will probably be expected to be heard on Wednesday.

After camping in a sugarcane farm of Amaravathi cooperative sugar turbines at Krishnapuram for 5 days, Chinna Thambi moved out of the farm on February 7. It roamed in and round Amaravathi river at Madathukulam. For the 3 days, it was once camping at Sarkar Kannadipudur village, 2km from Madathukulam.

“We noticed behavioural adjustments in Chinna Thambi as it was once observed little competitive and began destructive extra crops within the village. It could have took place due to physiological adjustments. Since abundant meals and water have been available within one or two kilometres radius, it was once glad. We noticed that it was once eating heavy meals, and its well being was once tremendous,” stated a senior wooded area legit.

The division has stationed kumki elephant Khaleem here for more than 10 days while every other kumki elephant Mariappan was once sent again to Topslip. The government took the verdict after Chinna Thambi retaliated against Mariappan and the latter’s well being condition began to become worse. On Sunday, every other kumki elephant Suyambu has joined Khaleem, with whom Chinna Thambi was once sharing cordial courting.

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