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Football’s eco-system should help everyone

The national football league has been evolving. So there should be absolute readability going ahead at the tier 1 and tier 2 leagues. And the sooner this league construction is shaped and a clear framework is introduced, the simpler for Indian football. I'm willing to look an legit construction of Indian football formalized and introduced right away.
I'm sure that despite the fact that ISL (Indian Super League) is asserted as the rustic’s premier league, it is just a question of time earlier than there is relegation and promotion. Once that happens, through virtue of benefit and pageant, I'm very confident that there will be no less than a few teams from the northeast playing within the premier league of Indian football.

Speaking as a membership owner, we are in it for the longer term. So what is more important is that the eco-system that is developed for Indian football helps everybody. Whether we play one league or the other to start with is not the issue.

We indisputably want the ISL, which is a superbly packaged and marketed product. And if it can be stepped forward upon, with more clubs at some point, I'm sure it's going to turn out to be holistically well-balanced in long run. That is what is important for Indian football.

The time has come to create a most sensible order, a 2d order and a third order, and a herbal strategy of promotion and relegation over time. Football is not a one-day, one-season phenomenon. We have had clubs that have received the national league but do not exist these days. So I don’t think one can classify issues at the basis of a membership winning the league.

What is more important is the long-term standpoint and creating Indian football thru a correct roadmap. If a correct construction is shaped then it is just a question of time earlier than any membership can play on the best possible degree.

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