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Fishing in Kukkarahalli Lake comes under fire from environmentalists

Mysuru: The University of Mysuru has drawn flak for permitting fishing at Kukkarahalli Lake, with birders and environmentalists urging a prevent to fishing there as fishermen are traumatic migratory birds all through the breeding season. After many days, fishing began at the lake previous this week.
Kukkarahalli Lake, situated within the middle of town, is an Important Bird Area (IBA) listed by the premier Bombay Natural History Society. There are over 170 species of birds recorded right here. During the breeding and migratory birds’ season, a minimum of 80 species may also be noticed. Even all through summer and the off-season, a minimum of 40 varieties may also be observed.

This February, there are birds like pelicans, Painted Storks and Grey Herons that are nesting and laying eggs. There are also Pintails and Shawlers which feed on algae. This is the peak time when birds move on the lookout for food. Usually, they’re shy creatures and in finding it difficult to fetch food.

Over a per week, fishermen in over 15 coracles have come all the way down to the lake and have set up nets traumatic the birds. Fishermen arrive early and fish up until night time. Ever since fishing started, birds are slowly disappearing, birders mentioned.

The University of Mysore is the lake’s custodian and restrict fishing to summer. Until March-end, migratory birds discuss with the lake. When birds feed their younger ones, they need to in finding food and fishing disturbs this task. “We won't see them from next yr,” a birder informed TOI.

Fishing is necessary within the lake as the dep. of fisheries put seeds within the lake and after fish grow, they’re caught. When there’s an building up within the selection of fish within the lake, it poses a danger to the water body. The varsity has to fix a time period for fishing. They must ensure they don’t hamper the birds. Besides, the dep. can put seeds of the ones fish that are fed on by birds. This manner, both winged creatures and the fisheries division will get advantages, birders added.

Birders and environmentalists additionally slammed the university for drawing water from the lake for gardening. More than 60% of water is drawn from Kukkarahalli Lake to water plants and trees. This may scarcity of water in summer. The University of Mysore must show fear for wildlife of the lake. Kukkarahalli Lake is a very powerful fowl house and also a hub of writers and artists. It attracts joggers and fitness fanatics because it supplies a wholesome and conducive setting. “Kukkarahalli Lake must no longer transform like lakes in Bengaluru,” a fowl photographer informed TOI.

Varsity registrar Prof R Rajanna mentioned Kukkarahalli Lake comes below it however fishing is carried out by the state fisheries division. “They no longer simplest give a young to fish in Kukkarahalli Lake however many lakes across the state. The university will get Rs 7.five lakh from fishing. We’re no longer the verdict makers,” he added.

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