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First electric bus from Alambagh to Gomtinagar

LUCKNOW: The scent of unpolluted seats, a noiseless cabin and a smooth experience awaited passengers once they boarded town's first electric bus from Alambagh to Gomtinagar on Sunday.

Decorated with marigold plant life, the shiny new bus stuck the eye of bystanders as it zoomed during the city. Those sitting within were not only all praise for the smooth experience but additionally felt glad to be travelling in an eco-friendly car for which they had waited goodbye. Said to hide 150km in a single charge, the 31-seater electric bus is pre-fixed with air suspension in each front and rear axles, making way for a relaxed experience.

Soon after it was once flagged off via minister for urban building Suresh Khanna on Sunday morning, NewsTread boarded the bus within the first leg of its travel to satisfy excited passengers.

Though the bus was once no longer packed complete, passengers said it was once a different experience for them. Manoj Kumar, who boarded the bus from Alambagh, said, "This is the first time that I am in a bus where the air-conditioning is louder than the engine sound. This will help cut noise pollution considerably," he said.

Overwhelmed via the greetings of the bus conductor when he boarded, Mohd Feroz said, "I have boarded an eco-friendly bus for the first time. The way the conductor is treating us makes us feel like travelling in an airplane."

Another passenger, Markand Singh, told TOI, "The challenge would be to keep the bus maintained the way it is. It would make smart commuting."

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