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Finn report admits troops helped kill Jews in WWII

HELSINKI: An Israeli Holocaust historian on Sunday praised Finnish government for publishing a record concluding that the rustic's volunteer battalion, which served with Nazi Germany's Waffen-SS, took section in atrocities during World War II, together with taking part in the mass murder of Jews.

Efraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center lauded the decision of the National Archives of Finland to unencumber its findings, despite the fact that it used to be "painful and uncomfortable" for Finland. He referred to as it an "example of exemplary civic courage".

The unbiased 248-page record in English - commissioned by the Finnish govt and released on Friday - said 1,408 Finnish volunteers served within the SS Panzer Division Wiking during 1941-43, most of them aged between 17 and 20 years outdated.

"It is very likely that they (Finnish volunteers) participated in the killing of Jews, other civilians and prisoners of war as part of the German SS troops," said Jussi Nuorteva, director-general of the National Archives. A significant a part of the learn about's material is based on diaries stored by 76 of the Finnish SS volunteers. The majority of them had no ideological sympathies with the Nazi regime, the record said. Historians wrote the troops most likely witnessed shootings and different atrocities towards Jews and different civilians by advancing Nazi troops.

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