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Drive against illegal parking near mall a hogwash

LUCKNOW: Leaving his car in a no-parking zone near a mall in Gomtinagar value Rajesh Kumar a challan of Rs 1,100 as police officers performed a traffic power in the vicinity on Sunday. About 40 challans were issued and plenty of cars towed away all the way through the six-hour power that began around 12 noon. By the end of the power, traffic police had collected Rs 44,000 in superb.

However, the power used to be a hogwash as commuters endured to park their cars haphazardly as soon as the power were given over.

In a reality take a look at, NewsTread discovered that folks endured to park their cars in spite of the crackdown.

Not best cars and twowheelers, even auto-rickshaws and e-rickshaws ferrying passengers I were parked haphazardly outdoor the mall.

Sushil Dixit, a personal worker, said those that have parked their cars in the parking are even discovering it difficult to get their cars out from the parking stand owing to these irregularly parked cars.

Prakhar Tiwari, a pupil, said that auto-rickshaws stop their cars any place at the highway for passengers. “This results in jam and too can cause severe injuries,” he added.

Meanwhile, individuals who were issued challans had their excuses. “The mall parking used to be full and several other four-wheelers were parked haphazardly at the highway. I had best parked my car for 2 minutes to shop for something from a nearby shop, and in the interim, they towed away my vehicle,” said Rajesh Kumar, a property dealer.

Traffic ASP RS Nim said challans were best slapped on individuals who had both haphazardly parked their cars or whose cars were found in no-parking zones. “Illegally parked cars encroach on roads and result in frequent traffic snarls. Such drives are a regimen,” he added.

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