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Doctors pause c-section to ventilate newborn

A 23-year-old woman is now the mum of a healthy baby boy, one thing she wouldn’t have anticipated after the shock she got within the 28th week of her pregnancy.

But doctors from a number of hospitals around the town got together to accomplish an exutero intrapartum remedy or Exit as it's more frequently identified.

The operating room was crowded however each and every physician knew when to start out and when to prevent and the nurses all knew their roles. This was for the reason that staff conducted a detailed mock drill the day prior to the operation.

To get time for the procedure, the doctors decided to intervene even as the baby was receiving oxygen from the mum. “We had about 20 mins to intubate the baby. We had meticulously deliberate the procedure an afternoon prior to with a ridicule drill. We made a flowchart of what must be finished at each and every step. All doctors and nurses had their roles outlined,” mentioned senior obstetrician Dr Uma Ram of Seethapathi Nursing Home.

During a regimen ultrasound within the 28th week on the 23-year-old woman (name withheld), doctors spotted swelling on the fetus’s neck. It was large, proscribing his talent to swallow and affecting growth. The fluid across the baby also swelled.

“Tests confirmed gross expansion of the thyroid gland. As consistent with usual protocol, we began intrauterine remedy. Two pictures of thyroid hormone alternative in a two-week period was given. This reduced the quantity of fluid, however the swelling within the neck didn't reduce significantly,” mentioned Dr S Suresh, fetal medicine professional at Mediscan Systems.

The 36th-week scan confirmed compression of the trachea, which might make respiring difficult. The woman was then referred to the Dr Mehta’s Hospital for deliberate caesarean section. After Dr Uma pulled out the baby’s head, ENT surgeon Dr S Thirunavukkarasu used bronchoscope steerage to intubate the baby.

“The bleeding was heavy as anticipated however the mother didn't require blood transfusion. The swelling on the neck has now reduced to the dimensions of a pea,” mentioned neonatologist Dr Lakshmi. Doctors are but to seek out the cause of the swelling as they're awaiting test effects.

“As of now, the baby requires long-term hormone alternative remedy. But with these medicines he must be capable of lead a typical existence,” she mentioned.

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