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Delhi: How 2 Romanian women scripted ATM fraud

NEW DELHI: Two Romanian ladies arrested two days ago for being keen on an ATM skimming racket had travelled to Delhi 4 times previously three hundred and sixty five days on vacationer visas.

Castache Irina and Caragica Elisabeta belong to a village in Craiova province, jap Romania. Irina is married and has 4 children; Elisabeta may be married and has a son; but each haven't any source of income.
They claimed they sold off most of their assets to commute to Birmingham in the United Kingdom. There, they bought the skimming units after which travelled to Delhi.

Irina roped in others and promised them large returns if they did it proper. She claimed that she learnt to skim playing cards from her cousins who've been keen on an identical crimes in other Asian international locations.

While in the United Kingdom, they practised solving the skimming machines on ATMs to peer if they could do it prior to attracting the attention of guards. During interrogation, Irina and Elisabeta claimed that the three men, Lavtaru Ion, Dumitro Nicolae and Nistor Llie, would fix the machines while they would process the information and print them on playing cards. The men had been Irina’s cousins. They would most often commute to international locations whose currencies had been valued upper than that of Romanian Leu.

They mentioned they worked for a syndicate that attached them to suppliers of the machines for big sums of cash.

Irina and Elisabeta had completed highschool and had even been to a central authority institute for talent training prior to falling by the wayside. They had been good at mathematics and could decode the magnetic strip codes.

“They claimed to have focused ATMs in Malviya Nagar, Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini Nagar market where the footfall is prime and guards don't keep watch over everyone entering an ATM,” mentioned a police officer.

After stealing Rs 10-12 lakh, the gang would fly again to London after which commute to Romania.

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