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CPI demands white paper on various issues concerning Rafale deal

HYDERABAD: The CPI on Tuesday demanded that a white paper be introduced out on quite a lot of problems on the Rafale deal, including issues raised through division heads.

"Many new issues concerning the deal are frequently coming out," CPI normal secretary S Sudhakar Reddy instructed journalists here.

"Though allegations are there that the Prime Minister's Office intefered in a very naked fashion, that it unilaterally took decisions, many wrongs have taken place that Indian money has gone to foreign countries on a large scale... the government is refusing to answer in a proper way even today," he said.

He alleged that "shouts" fairly than arguments have greater on the part of defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

It is not anything however "insulting Parliament" to say in the House that it used to be a waste of time (to further speak about the problem), he claimed.

"She has no right to make such a comment in Parliament," he said.

On the Citizen (Amendment) Bill, the CPI chief demanded that it's withdrawn and the proposed modification be rolled again.

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