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Cops to keep ‘smart’ footpaths free for pedestrians

PUNE: The visitors police are cracking the whip on other people parking vehicles on the “good” footpaths across the city to be sure that the amenities stay pedestrian pleasant.

Since November 2018, the police have penalized over 2,800 other people under the Pune Municipal (PMC) Act for parking two-wheelers on cars on such footpaths.

The police pledged that the force would proceed as a result of parking of vehicles on the footpaths led to a large number of inconveniences for the pedestrians, who are compelled to stroll on the busy roads.

Deputy commissioner of police (visitors) Tejaswi Satpute mentioned, “Since November final 12 months, now we have been beginning actions under the related provisions of the PMC Act in opposition to other people parking vehicles on the footpaths. We are focusing extra on the ‘good’ footpaths. We need other people to with ease make the most of the footpaths and benefit from the public area with none hindrance.”

The officer mentioned some changes may well be noticed on the footpaths alongside J M Road and around Parihar Chowk in Aundh. “Lifting of vehicles, putting in jammers and motion on the foundation of images of the vehicles is happening. The motion now we have taken within the final 3 months by myself was once by no means executed within the final four-five years,” she mentioned.

As part of the Road Safety Week, 2019, programmes, the Pune visitors police are focusing a lot on the pedestrians’ protection. “Besides stepping up the heat on the errant motorists and bikers, now we have instructed the PMC to put in bollards and repair the gaps on the footpaths to make sure than no vehicle may also be parked on the public area,” she mentioned.

Though plans are afoot to stop parking of vehicles on the footpaths, maximum citizens really feel that the measures want to be performed within the sternest ways.

“The other day I used to be walking alongside the just lately developed footpath alongside Fergusson College Road when a biker, riding on the public area, confirmed the audacity to honk as he tried to force previous me. When I puzzled the person, he merely unnoticed me and rode away,” mentioned Anupama Oak, a resident of F C Road.

Oak mentioned on enquiring with the shopkeepers on F C Road, she discovered that most of them were parking their vehicles on the footpaths. “Many of them mentioned it was once tricky for them to cross the street after parking their vehicles on the other facet of the thoroughfare. The perfect possibility for them is to park the vehicles on the footpath itself,” she mentioned.

Mythili Gosavi, a pupil who steadily visits the Deccan house, mentioned, “The collection of vehicles parked on the pavement of JM Road has diminished. But there’s no end to the problem on FC Road and lots of other roads within the city. The authorities want to get ready a comprehensive plan to stop parking of vehicles on the footpaths.”

She added, “The design of the footpaths, in lots of circumstances, is allowing other people to section their vehicles on the public area. For instance, the distance between the bollards is plentiful for two-wheelers to go through on many footpaths. The authorities must plug such holes.”

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