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‘Common man loses when lawmakers disrupt House’

PATNA: The Budget consultation of the state assembly starts on Monday, weeks prior to the Lok Sabha election. Speaker Vijay Kumar Choudhary talks to TOI’s Piyush Kumar Tripathi about his plans for easy behavior of the politically necessary consultation. Excerpts:

The upcoming Budget consultation is the ultimate consultation of the assembly prior to the parliamentary polls. How do you intend to have a easy consultation in such a charged scenario?

On Friday, as in keeping with custom, we held a meeting of leaders of the legislature events of all political organisations. We requested they all to ensure a relaxed consultation. We be expecting each member to lift issues associated with the common guy and take a look at and to find out positive solutions through discussions. There are tactics to lift even probably the most severe issues in the House. If issues aren't raised in a right kind approach, the House gets adjourned, which may not be in somebody’s favour.

This consultation has handiest seven operating days. Will this be enough to speak about so many necessary issues?

In case, the House feels that any factor of public importance is being left out, we will lengthen its consultation by way of a few more days. We can accomplish that by way of convening a meeting of the Business Advisory Committee of the House.

Now we've an impressive central hall in the annexe building of the Vidhan Sabha and the governor will address a joint consultation of the Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan Parishad. How important will that tournament be?

It can be a historic second. In reality, it is going to be a milestone in the history of Bihar legislature that a central hall has been built for holding joint periods of the 2 Houses. Until now, participants of the 2 Houses would come to the assembly hall for such meetings. This assembly hall can accommodate 325 participants. It was built for united Bihar (together with Jharkhand and Odisha). After the introduction of Jharkhand and Odisha, the selection of lawmakers has long gone down. Even then, the hall was no longer spacious enough to host participants from the 2 Houses.

How is the new machine of Question Reply Management System (QRMS) functioning machine?

The QRMS was introduced in 2018, below which inquiries to be raised in the House have to go to the departments concerned through on-line medium. Replies, too, come similarly. It is upon my directions that each division has appointed a nodal officer, who coordinates for this. The entire machine has transform sooner and correct.

As a long way as the control of the House, you might have always been strict. You have stopped protests on the portico of the assembly and feature no longer allowed photographers to go into the realm. Do you might have every other ideas to make functioning of the House more non violent and easy?

My function is to ensure that the assembly premises stay non violent. There is always a chance of one thing undesirable happening if participants protest in an unruly approach on the portico. We have constructed a media enclosure and all events have been requested to speak to the media there.

Would you prefer to mention one thing about the role of media?

I would like to speak a little on the role of the media. Media stories about House proceedings matter a lot. The House witnesses both productive and disruptive actions. Members come to the Well, every now and then, conserving placards. Even when such incidents ultimate for roughly 10 mins, the media provides prominence to them. Unruly scenes transform incentives for the media.

How do you look at the behavior of legislators within the House?

Disruptions within the House take place moderately frequently in this day and age, which I feel, are because of political compulsions. Members should care for decorum. Disruptions and pandemonium are a wastage of the dear time of the House. This ultimately ends up in the neglect of issues associated with the common guy.

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