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City keeps its date with Ratha Sapthami

Mysuru: City kept its date with Ratha Sapthami as various groups came in combination to perform yoga in entrance of the Mysuru Palace, on Tuesday.
All the procession idols of the temples of the palace were kept for display at the palace premises. From 6am to 12pm, the deities together with that of Sri Bhuvaneshwari, Trineshwara, Sri Lakshmiramana Swami, Sri Mahalakshmi Devi, Sri Prasanna Krishna, Sri Vedavarahaswami. Sri Khille Venkataramaswamy and Gayatri were kept at the palace premises. Hundreds of devotees rushed to the palace to seek blessings. Scion of Mysuru royal circle of relatives Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar accompanied through his spouse Trishika Kumari and son Adyaveer Wadiyar also sought blessings of the deities.

Legend has it that Ratha Sapthami is the start of Uttarayana and Lord Surya changes his path and starts moving within the northern route. Since he alters his path, Sun seems brighter and summer time starts. It is also believed that the sunrays can kill micro organism and worshiping the Sun early within the morning can cure diseases.

Since years, at the occasion of Ratha Sapthami, maharajas of the Mysuru state would carry out rituals and pujas to the procession idols and keep them within the palace premises for darshan. Similarly, even on Tuesday, devotees sought blessings from eight procession idols.

Speaking at the occasion, Yaduveer mentioned the palace follows the tradition of celebrating Ratha Sapthami. “I've prayed for the great of the state and likewise for good rainfall and top yield,” he mentioned.

As a part of the 18th anniversary of Mysuru Yoga Association and to mark Ratha Sapthami celebrations, masses of people performed 108 Surya Namaskara. Bhashyam Swami inaugurated the Surya Namaskara programme. Along with yoga, Surya Yagna was once also performed.

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