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Cabbies block e-way for 30 mins after brawl

GURUGRAM: A cab driver was chased down through the MCD flying squad after he have shyed away from the Sirhaul toll plaza at the Delhi-Gurugram Expressway to save Rs 100, on Tuesday.

He was stopped a couple of metres away, resulting in a fight in which the cab driver was allegedly injured. After this, protesting cab drivers held up traffic at the expressway at the Delhi-Haryana border.

Col. Subhash Yadav, the general manager of expressway operator Skylark, stated, “We saw at the CCTV cameras that the traffic came to a halt at the web page round 12pm on Tuesday despite the fact that there was no bottleneck there. Our officials were sent to test what was going down and located a cab driver preventing with the MCD toll marshals.”

The carriageway for traffic moving from Gurugram to Delhi was blocked through the cab drivers. “Some cab drivers parked their vehicle in the midst of the carriageway, blockading the expressway,” stated Yadav.

Brawls are very common at the Sirhaul toll, in keeping with T Raju, an MCEPL authentic. He stated, “The cab driver was asked to pay the toll but he refused and was working away. That’s when the MCD marshals stopped his vehicle.”

In the brawl that ensued, the cab driver was allegedly driven at the bonnet of the auto through MCD marshals and his nose began bleeding. “He then called round 40 different cab drivers to the spot they usually stopped traffic motion from Gurgaon to Delhi. We called police they usually cleared the expressway inside of half-an-hour of the blockade,” stated Yadav.

Marshals are deputed on all 15 lanes of the MCD toll to forestall commercial cars looking to avoid toll. Presently, there are toll booths on six lanes for accumulating the same. Commuters stated that the toll creditors were unruly and every so often took extreme measures. Neha Sapra, a standard commuter stated, “These toll creditors every so often just hit the vehicles to get the toll cash.”

In 2017, South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) gave the fee of toll collection at the Delhi-Haryana border to MEP Infrastructure for five years.

Jay Kadam, the deputy basic manager of MEP Infrastructure, stated, “One of our officials was slapped through the cab driver who earlier refused to pay the toll.” Saying that his officials were not within the improper, Kadam stated, “They have been trained to collect toll. We don’t give them sticks. The cab drivers are the hooligans.”

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